Sport Specific

Training For Sport

Training For Sport


Oftentimes we see evidence that coaches believe the number on the bar or weight lifted is the biggest dictator of an athletes success and performance. We are here to argue that point.

Instead we are focused on posture, position, and learning how to create speed throughout the lifts. Compensatory acceleration training refers to minimizing the turnover time from eccentric to concentric while continually gaining speed as leverage favors the athlete.

How and When To Get Sport Specific

What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions sport specific training? Most people think about using a swinging a resisted golf club, using a weighted baseball or some form of replicating sport with added resistance.

Many coaches today still use these methods, and in theory, it seems reasonable. The truth is research has found using resistance to replicate a specific sport movement isn’t very effective. Throwing a donut on a baseball bat does shown not to improve bat speed. Game play in sports happen at full speed and replicating the motions of sport at anything less than game speed is putting the athletes at a disadvantage and creating unnecessary potential for injury.