Maren Conolly

I've known Darren for about 4 years now. I started off as a wannabe crossfitter with no lifting background. I kept doing metcons and lifting to try to get stronger but I wasn't making any progress. Darren finally convinced me to switch to just Olympic weightlifting for a while. So I did, and within a year I was standing on the podium at local meets and competing at national meets. I raised my personal bests by 40 lbs in a year. For you girls that think lifting weights will make you bulky, I went down a size in shirts and I fill out my jeans better :) I still weigh the same as I did when I first started. In other words, I'm smaller and stronger! Aside from that Darren is an excellent coach. He was able to learn about who I am as an athlete and coach me based on that. Which is an accomplishment in itself because of how stubborn I am. Darren is stern but can be extremely compassionate and encouraging in extremely stressful situations. One moment in particular I am grateful for is I was on the verge of a mental breakdown while on deck during the snatch. I was just not performing, and my body was hurting. I tried to hide my emotions but he saw right through me. He gave me words of encouragement and told me to try my best in the snatch and forget about it as soon as I walk off the platform. Then he changed coaching approaches and we ended up hitting a 5lb personal best in the clean and jerk. His energy is contagious and I am proud to call him a coach and friend. He's nothing shy of himself and it's hard to find genuine people like that now-a-days. Darren is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and can help you achieve your goals. He definitely eliminates the guess work.

Austin M.

I have been part of Hansen Athletics for 3 months now and have been very impressed with the quality of the workouts and programming. Darren, the coach, is very available and is willing to make your workouts what you want with your goals in mind. If anyone is looking for a coach that cares look no further than HansenAthletics

AnJeanette Leishman

I LOVE Coach Hansen!! He is so knowledgeable, passionate, and motivating! He knows how to connect with every athlete he coaches, no matter what their background or personality. He has so much faith in me and knows how to help me get into the right mindset. Not to mention his programming is the BEST! And- the nutritionist has worked wonders for me! I definitely recommend HansenAthletics!

Justin Meyer

Hansen Athletics is one of the best online coaching experiences I’ve ever had. Coach Hansen is very knowledgeable and was able to push me outside of my comfort zone to make me better. While the workouts were humbling on some, I learned so much working with him for 3 months. Also, Coach Hansen was always available and answered all questions in a timely manner. If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness and make yourself as great as possible, I highly recommend Coach Hansen and Hansen Athletics!