Healthy Sugar Substitutes - Do They Exist?

Healthy Sugar Substitutes

The world is full of things that are “good for you” to curb your sweet tooth. From NutraSweet all the way to keto and paleo approved sweeteners.

Like Zevia sugar free sodas. If you can stand the Stevia taste, they’re not that bad. Also sporting 0 calories if you’re tracking your intake. I happen to like them.

I'm not for or against people having a diet coke, sugar free energy drink or whatever their choice may be.

The truth is we don't have long term data on many of the sugar substitutes.

That being said, the consensus that they are healthy is a poor attempt at making us feel better about what we’re doing.

Using them daily in small doses probably isn't good or bad for you. But most people don't do this thing called moderation.

When you pack your diet full of sugar substitutes you’re not really changing the thing that got you there in the first place.

Wouldn’t you be better off to develop some disciplined habits that allow you to have what you want?

I’d much rather have delicious a treat with all the sugar and know that I'm ok with it, than a thousand treats with substitutes thinking I'm being healthy.

Moral of the story?

Pounding 8 diet cokes in a day isn't going to help you change.

If you're chugging your 3rd sugar free monster every day at 4pm just so you can function, you have bigger fish to fry.

Written by Coach Jared Mielke [@jaredmielke]