Pause Backsquats: The Benefits Of Mixing It Up


Adding a pause to the squat not only increases difficulty & time under tension but comes with other benefits as well.

✅ Improve Mobility

Sitting and holding a nice tight bottom position…. makes you better at doing just that! By working on an Isometric hold in the bottom of the squat you will not only improve your mobility, but also highlight any issues you may have with your current abilities.

✅ Build Strength Out Of The Hole

Most squats are failed directly at the bottom; meaning that once we descend into the squat we don’t have the ability to get out of the proverbial “hole.” Through working on this exact position in the squat we are able to increase our ability to stay tight and generate SPEED out of the hole. I highlight speed because while lifting weights we always want to be generating as MUCH FORCE as possible throughout the concentric or “lifting” part of the movement.

✅ Hone In On Technique

Taking an extra second on a rep or mixing up the tempos of our reps helps develop the technique and inter-muscular coordination needed to develop more efficient movement patterns. This is a big deal when it comes to teaching the body how to move.

✅ Develop Confidence

Getting that extra time under the bar and forcing yourself to hold positions will help develop a sense of confidence underneath the bar.


Try adding different lengths of pauses and isometric holds to your strength training to blast through plateaus and develop solid technique.

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