Muscle Confusion 101

Muscle Confusion 101. 💪🧠💪

People often ask about or chime in on training and mention "muscle confusion" because they heard or read it somewhere.

Let's be clear. It's not a thing. Even though the industry sells it, it doesn't exist. When you are challenged by a posture, position, or movement that's difficult, your muscles are not confused.

And this shouldn't be a goal during training either. The goal should be to develop appropriate pathways for your movement to appear seamless and effortless.

What does exist is a lack of coordination. Not in the way you think of it though. Inter-muscular and intramuscular coordination. Meaning how your CNS interacts with your body and how your muscles work with each other.

It's not that you're uncoordinated. It's that you haven't built the appropriate pathways for things to flow efficiently or in the proper order. Yet.

It just takes a little time and practice. Anyone can get there.

Next time you hear your favorite gym bros or internet fitness models talking about how confused their muscles are, understand that it's not their muscles that are confused. 🧠

Written by HansenAthletics coach Jared Mielke [@jaredmielke]