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Pocatello, ID


Online Membership



CLUB: $50/month

  • Daily workouts emailed directly to you

  • Access to FitBot

  • Video demonstration

  • Ability log and track progress

  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time to your question


TEAM: $100/month

  • All club level features + 

  • Video Analysis and Breakdown

  • Guaranteed 12 hour response time to your questions

  • Program modifications as needed

  • Access to team Facebook page


1-ON-1: $150/month

  • All team level features +

  • Nearly immediate feedback on questions and concerns

  • Daily video analysis

  • Program designed for your specific needs and goals

  • Nutrition recommendations and break down


Military and Student Discount Available



Through constant research and planning HansenAthletics has expanded and allowed hundreds of athletes worldwide to receive professional workout programming delivered in a personal and effective manner. We believe in keeping it simple.  No secret movement or pill, but rather the basics, hard work, and consistency. 

HansenAthletics houses experts in the fields of Olympic Weightlifting, Crossfit, Athletic Performance, Nutrition, GPP, and has successfully facilitated and aided in multiple weight loss and transformation journeys.

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.
— Robert Kiyosaki


Your clients can easily log workouts, post questions to you, watch exercise demo videos, and track their workout history over time.


Clients can get in touch with me in real time. No more shuffling emails, text messages, and Facebook messages. Everything lives in Fitbot.


Change happens one deadlift, one squat, one pull-up at a time. Fitbot tracks all of your data so we both can see the progress you're making over time. With video demonstrations of each movement and the ability to input your own videos for me to see... we now have the ability to provide value like never before remotely. 



I have been using Coach Hansen's programming for almost four months now, and I have already seen significant gains in my lifts (shirts fit a lot tighter through the chest and sleeves now too, no complaints there). And while seeing the gainz has been awesome, it is almost equally as awesome knowing all I have to do is show up to the gym and lift.

No more planning workouts, no more wandering aimlessly around the gym trying to decide what I want to work out on a given day. Coach Hansen's programming is targeted to my goals, easy to follow, and results driven. It is easily one of the best investments I've ever made into my personal fitness.

Brian I.

Darren Hansen


  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • USAW-National Coach | Multiple national level weightlifters
  • USAW-National Level Athlete
  • OTC Coaches Camp
  • CF-L1
  • CSCS
  • Strength & Conditoning Coach | Highschool and Collegiate athletes
  • 7 Years of Coaching Experience
  • Creator of HansenAthletics & Zelus Labs

The "WHY"

The fitness industry ends up producing a large amount of confusion and misunderstanding, and in reality makes being healthy and happy much harder than it should be.

Companies and trainers want you to buy into the idea of everything needed to be new and cutting edge, but the real "magic" pill is simply HARD WORK. There isn't anything fancy or pretty about it; and that SCARES people. There isn't a secret shortcut around the damage or lack of work done previously, you can't just change your mind and instantly see a change in your body. That isn't how it works NO MATTER what you hear or see from the industry.

That's where I come in! I'm here to make the process simpler; NOT to eliminate the actual hard work itself. I provide the thinking and the training for YOU; therefore all you have to do is GO DO THE WORK. This isn't a get fit quick guarantee, but rather a promise to point you in the right direction.

 If somebody tells you they can make the work easier, they are WRONG.

- Darren Hansen