Ready to take your weightlifting To the next level?

  • Have you noticed your PRs have been far and between?

  • Have you been seeking a competitive edge?

  • Are you sick of following generic templates?

  • Ready to work with a coach that truly cares about your success?

You’ve probably spent big bucks on a remote coach, bought a cheap generic template, or you tried to wing it with whatever you could find online.

We built Hansenathletics because you deserve something better.

world class Coaching

Assess and improve your strength, technique, and balance in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and related barbell lifts.


Coaches update your prescription as we learn more information about you, meaning your program gets better as you do.


Delivers all the gains for a monthly membership price that won't break the bank.

Your program will be customized using more than 14 personal factors, including your:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Bodyweight

  • Work hours

  • Work stress

  • Other training stress

  • Workout schedule

  • Snatch to clean & jerk ratio

  • Back squat to front squat ratio

  • Balance of strength vs. technique

  • Training focus

  • Training frequency

  • Makes and misses

  • Competition plans

The road to bigger lifts and better technique is 3 simple steps away:

Step 1: Register for your team of choice [Free Trial Available]
Step 2: Download the app [TrueCoach] & enter your current numbers
Step 3: Accept your invitation from you Coach and get ready to lift!

Join and COmpete

Alongside a team of lifters that range from beginner to national medalists. There will be meet coaching available at select national meets!