Staying Alive



Staying Alive is built for the busy dude that doesn’t have a ton of time but loves to train and stay strong. The primary focus is on strength with regular 10 minute or so conditioning sessions. We will occasionally hit an endurance block as well.

This program runs continuously. Our cycles are broken into 4 or 6 week blocks. In these blocks we will work with different implements to develop strength. One block will be barbell focused and the next may be kettle bell or sandbag specific.

This program was designed to keep training fun and keep you strong and capable. Nobody likes to get bored with their program. If you are only seeking tiny little tweaks in your performance, this may not be for you.

Duration: CONTINUOUS: 5x Per Week

Goal: Strength, Speed, Power

Training sessions: 45-60 Minutes





-Easy to navigate website and app
-Collaborative workout scheduling
-Client profile
-Movement demonstrations
-Progress tracking
-Receive daily workout reminders
-A network of athletes and coaches
-Easily track progress

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