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+ Totally customized programming designed for your unique experience, abilities, and goals

+ Weekly check-ups with your coach to discuss progress and adjust training

+ Complete access to your coach 24/7 including text and email.

+ Daily movement demonstrations

+ Dynamic Warm-ups incorporated into each workout

+ Apple and Android App: Benchmark tracking, nutritional tracking, & access to a coach

+ Discount for 3 & 6 month commitments

Our coaches have only one goal for their athletes: provide them with the ability to take their life and performance to levels they could never take themselves.



  • Initial consultation to meet your coach, and for us to get to know you so we can put together a program designed specifically FOR YOU.
  • Program designed specifically for you, your schedule, your equipment, your skill level, to accomplish your goals.
  • Nutrition guidance, our template, and continual help navigating the difficulties of a lifestyle change!
  • Programming delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet, and computer via FitBot.
    • Movement demos to ensure proper form and maximize safety
    • Log every set, rep, time, and round
    • All results delivered directly to your coach's phone, tablet, or computer
    • Directly message your coach through FitBot
    • Post training videos for meaningful feedback and video analysis