HA RADIO - EPISODE 7: Daniel Ryan



Set The Standard Early

This week we interview Idaho State University's new Strength and Conditioning coach Daniel Ryan to talk about his experience stepping into the program as a first time head coach, not to mention the ONLY coach for 13 teams. That's right... he's doing it as a one man show. ISU is need of dire change when it comes to their athletic programs and we believe Daniel may be just the right fit. What has been the experience thus far? What does it take to create culture in a Big Sky program that lacks structure? What type of training should High School athletes be doing in preparation for collegiate sports? Daniel delivers on all of these questions and more!

Among the chatter is some incredible talk about training methodologies and keeping it simple. Daniel explains why he prefers the front squat over the back squat for athletic carryover and why "speed camps" and "sexy snapchat" training is hurting the performance and durability of young athletes. We also take the time to dive into why specializing in sport can be detrimental to athletes and if there is no other choice why you should hire a QUALIFIED strength coach to counteract the effects of minimal structured training and repetitive high volume movement patterning. ALL this and more in HansenAthletics Radio Episode 7!