HA Radio- Episode 13: Caroline Brown

Caroline has a beautiful soul filled with a passion to flip the current "mental health" model on its head. Albeit young and getting set to attend graduate school she has ample experience with mental health through life experience, family, and published research conducted during her undergrad at Utah State.  Caroline believes that "mental" health is an ever-evolving and changing state of being for each and every one of us. She has her eyes set on opening a facility/practice in the future that incorporates mental, physical, and spiritual guidance to help those struggling with mental illness to find balance in their life and remove the negative stigma that burns in the word "therapy."

Mental illness shouldn't simply be treated with a pill.

HA Radio - Episode 10: Recap Of The American Open

HA Radio - Episode 10: Recap Of The American Open

In this episode we cover: 

  1. Sleep: How important is it compared to everything else?

  2. Advice for coaches on how to handle an Olympic Lifting meet.

  3. The challenge athletes face when competing on a National stage.

  4. Recap of the American Open 2018 and how our HansenAthletics athletes performed.

  5. Lessons learned from this years competition season.

HA RADIO - EPISODE 7: Daniel Ryan

HA RADIO - EPISODE 7: Daniel Ryan

This week we interview Idaho State University's new Strength and Conditioning coach Daniel Ryan to talk about his experience stepping into the program as a first time head coach, not to mention the ONLY coach for 13 teams. That's right... he's doing it as a one man show. ISU is need of dire change when it comes to their athletic programs and we believe Daniel may be just the right fit. What has been the experience thus far? What does it take to create culture in a Big Sky program that lacks structure? What type of training should High School athletes be doing in preparation for collegiate sports? Daniel delivers on all of these questions and more!