Functional Bodybuilding


Duration: Continuous 
Days per week: 

HansenAthletics functional bodybuilding program is structured to improve movement, strength, and overall physique. This program will push you to hit personal records in high and moderate rep movements while it works toward priming you for 1- rep personal record lifts. [Squat, Deadlift, Bench]

Bodybuilding and hypertrophy will be heavily incorporated into this program to help correct muscular imbalances, improve strength, and increase lean muscle mass.

You will put on muscle.

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We built Hansenathletics because you deserve something better.

Your program will be customized using more than 14 personal factors, including your:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Bodyweight

  • Work hours

  • Work stress

  • Other training stress

  • Workout schedule

  • Balance of strength vs. technique

  • Training focus

  • Training frequency

  • Makes and misses

  • Competition plans

  • Training Age

  • Past Training

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Join The Team

Alongside a team of lifters that range from beginner to national medalists. No matter where your training is currently at we will help you put on muscle and increase your lifts!