Registration Period for July: 9-14

What is it?

The opportunity to test your strength and skills against all the other social media athletes in the world.

Each month we will announce a "challenge" to the inter-webs in hopes of finding the biggest, baddest, insta-athletes out there.

Our goal is to make every challenge obtainable and if you have a gym membership.. you SHOULD have the proper equipment to complete every challenge.

When does it start? 

 At the beginning of every month registration will be open for 7 days.

Once registration closes the movement/challenge will be announced to the public on our Instagram: @HansenAthletics

How Do I submit my MOvement?

Simple, post it on Instagram! Here are the guidelines:

  • Hashtag: #hansenathleticschallenge
  • Tag: @hansenathletics

What Do I win?

All the money. Seriously, all of it. 

Obviously the amount will be dependent on how many people sign-up, but the best male & female submission will essentially take the pot.

We will also throw out a free piece of apparel to a random entry as well. Needless to say, it will be worth your time and money.

Also, who doesn't enjoy some good competition?

Entry Fee - Monthly Challenge
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