Darren Hansen (Owner)


  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • USAW-National Coach | Multiple national level weightlifters
  • USAW-National Level Athlete
  • OTC Coaches Camp
  • CF-L1
  • CSCS
  • Strength & Conditoning Coach | Highschool and Collegiate athletes
  • 6 Years of Coaching Experience
  • Creator of HansenAthletics & Zelus Supplements

Richelle Hudson (Nutritionist)


Promoting Positive And Balanced Relationships With Food While Guiding People Toward Their Athletic Goals


Richelle Cheri’ Hudson has spent her entire life in beautiful Cache Valley. Her life passion of how to properly fuel “the machine” has led her to applying, and honorably receiving a position in the Coordinated Program of Dietetics at Utah State University. After class, you’ll find Richelle is raising her baby calves or doing two of her favorite hobbies, which include: Hiking with her husband and their little girl Dessa (canine daughter) or Olympic Weightlifting. Along with becoming an elite athlete herself, Richelle’s ultimate goal includes becoming a Registered Dietitian for high-end athletes.