Programming + Video Analysis

Programming only: $50/monthly

  • Workout emailed to you directly daily
  • Direct contact with coach
  • Ability to store video + results
  • Coach can easily move workouts around to fit your schedule
  • Competition coaching *

Video Analysis only: $35/monthly

  • Unlimited access to myself as a coach
  • Movement breakdowns w/ voice over including cues and corrections
  • Ability to ask questions at any time
  • One time movement breakdown available for $10

Programming + Video Analysis Package:



Customized Nutrition Program & Coach: $75/Monthly

  • Focused macronutrient breakdown designed for your goals
  • Progressive, organized, detailed and easy to follow
  • Ability to speak with nutritionist at any time
  • Direct access to your coach



FUll Package


  • Quickest way for you to see results: programming + nutrition = winning
  • Progressive, organized, and easy to follow
  • All the perks of monthly programming included
  • Direct access to your coaches


Maximize time and results: 

Monthly Programming + Video Analysis + Nutrition Plan:




* No Refunds for any services rendered - Payments are ran through PayPal.

* Competition coaching is at select events. Contact with questions.