The "WHY"

When I was thinking about WHY I wanted to provide online coaching and programming I knew I needed to identify something that I was passionate about if I wanted to give my clients the best experience possible. After weeks of contemplation I finally narrowed it down to the fact that I want to provide people with knowledge and ability to care for themselves in a healthy and sustainable way.

It is not uncommon for athletes and those that pursue a greater level of fitness and performance to develop habits that will undoubtedly impact them down the road in a negative manner. With the unbelievable amount of content posted by uneducated and unqualified individuals on the internet there really isn't a clear path for people such as yourself to embark on. It ends up producing a large amount of confusion and misunderstanding, and in reality makes being healthy and happy much harder than it should be. Companies and trainers want you to buy into the idea of everything needed to be new and cutting edge, but the real "magic" pill is simply HARD WORK. There isn't anything fancy or pretty about it; and that scares people. There isn't a secret shortcut around the lack of work that was put in before, you can't just change your mind and instantly see a change in your body. That isn't how it works NO MATTER what you hear or see from the industry. 

I'm here to make the thinking process easier; NOT the actual hard work itself. I provide the thinking and the training for YOU; therefore all you have to do is GO DO THE WORK. This isn't a get fit quick guarantee, but rather a promise to point you in the right direction.

 If somebody tells you they can make the work easier, they are WRONG.

- Darren Hansen
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Fitness Industry = Fads

Think about the information we are constantly force fed over social media and online pertaining to fitness.

Trends. Everything is trendy. Superficial. Sexual. Quick Fixes.

Pretty much anything that can take invoke an immediate emotional response will be used against you. With that being said, please be conscious and aware of where you take advice from pertaining to YOUR fitness.

Would you walk into a doctors office accredited only by the fact that they have a nice ass in tights, a pretty face, and possibly a 6 pack? Personally, I would rather have a good understanding of accomplishments, education, and experience of that said doctor.

Maybe that's just me...

My point being this happens every day. People are taking advice and even PAYING people that have NO IDEA what they are even talking about. The internet has created a platform for uneducated trainers to make a quick dollar on those that feel lost and helpless. This leads to those clients becoming burned out, injured, or just simply lacking results. Most often that experience will leave a negative feeling towards remote coaching, programming, and possibly fitness in general. This is not only a disservice to the person, but also negatively impacts those that are qualified to help. 

Please ask. Most often a simple "what are your qualifications" should do the trick. Not only would this help you achieve your goals and invest wisely, but it will also set you up with a healthy relationship with your trainer.


Good luck friends



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You're Not Eating Enough

You’re Not Eating Enough

You cannot trick your body. It’s smarter than you. If you want to lose weight you need to work with your body to give it what it needs to achieve what you want. We all know that eating too much can pack on the unwanted pounds. We have developed such a negative association between eating and losing weight that for many of us the concept of eating more to lose weight is unimaginable.

Your body will always fight to maintain homeostasis and will burn whatever tissue is needed to maintain its energy levels. Unfortunately for your body, fat is much more efficient for providing energy than muscle tissue and as a result when energy is low muscle is burned. You must make sure you are providing your body with enough calories to maintain muscle mass and to fuel your workouts. If you’re not working out you may still be doing more than you realize and could still suffer if you’re under fed.


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