Matt Van Dyke 12/1/2016

The pursuit of "balanced" nutrition is essentially seeking perfection in your diet to most people and this is impossible. Instead seeking "balance" should be understood as having lower-highs and higher-lows in your overall experience with food. We will always move in waves of choices, committment, food selection, quality, consistency and that is to be EXPECTED. You will feel like a failure more often than not if you are seeking linear progression without waves.

- Expect waves in weight but seek progression over time.
- Expect waves in commitment but seek increases in streaks of adherence and progress. 
- Do not compare your eating habits to others. Its your food and your mouth. Use it as you like.
- Do not compare food choices to other same reason as above. 
- Desire waves in body composition. You should never just desire skinny and depleted. Encourage yourself to enjoy being strong and shifting gears throughout the year to higher body fat levels that are still healthy.
- Never obsess over anything for too long. Anyone who's successful became obsessed to a certain extent but the true pros know how to pull out and redirect focus when needed.
- Extremes in any direction will end badly unless you can bring it back to home base and regain control. Most never reach any kind of mastery with food and their body because they swing too wildly from one extreme to another.

Everyone has their own enjoyment and battle with food. It is up to you to seek out the basic underlying principles of food, their properties and benefits and how you can create your own "balanced" lifestyle. These are just some of my tips on how i view my overall balance and stay happy along the way.

Darren HansenComment