8-Weeks to a better you: Mind + Body

Kait VanHoff and Darren Hansen are joining together to bring you an 8-week program of professionally designed fitness workouts + yoga flows geared specifically towards your individual goals.

Want to get toned? Leaner? Build Muscle? 

You let us know YOUR goals, and we'll get you there!

This is so much more than a physical journey. Each week your program will embody 3 days of workouts and 2-3 yoga flows designed to strengthen and develop a higher state of mind and body awareness.

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What to Expect:

  • Daily workouts and flows emailed directly to you each morning
    • Ability to record weights, upload progress photos, and upload video.
  • Video demonstrations of each workout movement and yoga flow (these will be easy to follow and very effective)
  • Access to Darren and Kait via instant message 24/7
  • Personalized workouts that take into account what equipment you have access to
  • Private community Facebook page designed to provide support, answer questions, and hold accountability.
  • Support, support, and oh did I mention support?


Optional: Nutritional Guidance:

  • Work with our nutritionist to set up an in-depth nutrition plan to help better acheive your goals.
    • Meal timing, food suggestions, macronutrient breakdown, and optional skype session with our nutritionist.

Kait VanHoff

My name is Kait VanHoff, I'm 24 years old and currently live in the beautiful mountains of Utah. I can always be found outdoors, staying active, and of course adventuring. After graduating from Utah State University and finishing my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Assets, I combined my love of travel and yoga and started my own business, Revitalize Retreats.

I've always been passionate about living a balanced, healthy, and happy life. A lot of my knowlege about health and nutrition I learned while on athletic scholarship at Utah State University where I played volleyball for 4 years. My love and curiousity grew from that which led me to teaching yoga around the world.

I love the amazing benefits yoga brings into my life on and off the mat. It has brought so much love, passion, peace, balance, connection, and fun and I'm so excited to be sharing that with you in this program.

Let's take those steps to a better YOU mentally, physically spiritually, emotionally, and everything in between. 


Darren Hansen

Hey there, my name is Darren Hansen, I'm 25 years old and currently live in Salt Lake City. I have always been involved in sports and the fitness community. While attending school at Utah State University I created and ran a strength and conditioning program for the campus recreation department hosting 150+ students each semester. During that time I competed nationally in Weightlifting competitions and created HansenAthletics as a way to work with people from all over the nation. I currently train 50+ athletes that include first time fitness goers, collegiate athletes, stay at home moms, and even CrossFit competitors. After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science, I moved to Salt Lake and have been focusing on being a postive influence in the fitness community.

I am very passionate about strength and the barbell, but have made it a priority to gather knowledge in all aspects of physical training. I enjoy creating workouts for people within various different fitness communities and find it interesting how many similarities they share, despite looking much different from the outside.

Like Kait I have always found importance in embodying the different aspects of physical and mental health. Throughout my career I have encountered many clients that focus on one, but neglect the other! This is why we have created the program you see here today. We want to help change that.