Competitive Fitness

Designed to accomdate the competitive sport and fitness athlete. Field Sports, CrossFit, Military, Spartan Races, etc. there is a specific program for each.

This is an all around program that will build up your strength, endurance, skill, capacity, and mobility to make you an all around better athlete for your sport, what a true fitness athlete should look like.

Training of the main barbell movements, accessory lifts for the weaknesses, high and low intensity endurance work, specific skill training for the body weight movements, and pre-planned mobility for the next days training.



This five session / week program is for Intermediate to Advanced Olympic weightlifters who are ready to take their training to the next level.

Follow along with various other National level weightlifters and have the option to compete for HansenAthletics. We have grown to include many across the United States and will be a nationally contending club.



Here are the hard facts: All things considered equal, the bigger, faster, and more powerful athletes tend to walk off the battle field victorious. You can't make drastic improvements to these key performance markers without putting in the time in the gym; the people who say you can are lying.

And finally, form follows function. If all you want is to look like a bad ass then you need to train like one.